Health & Safety Policy



                 Health & Safety Policy



Agreed at PCC meeting on 13 March 2017 and last updated on 12 September 2017


Signed         Rev Bruce Goodwin   Vicar


Signed         David Gray   Churchwarden


Signed         Steve Hemmings   Churchwarden



Our policy so far as is reasonably practicable, is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, casual labour and voluntary helpers, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose.

We will also endeavour to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all members of the congregation, contractors, visitors and others including children who may visit the Church, Orchard Rooms, and Churchyard.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement the policy are set out in Parts 2 and 3.

The policy will be kept up to date, particularly in the light of any changes to our buildings or activities. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed regularly and the appropriate changes made.

In order to ensure that health and safety matters are kept constantly under review, an item on health and safety will be on the agenda for all meetings of the Parochial Church Council, and sub-committees and employees and voluntary workers will be consulted on a regular basis, at least once every 5 years, in order to seek their views on health and safety matters.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the PCC.


The Vicar

Overall responsibility for health and safety is that of the Vicar who will ensure that arrangements are in place to satisfy Health and Safety Regulations and appropriate Codes of Practice.

Specific responsibilities may be delegated to church personnel. As new projects emerge, the names of responsible persons will be notified and the list amended accordingly. When there is a Vacancy the overall responsibility is with the church wardens.

The Churchwardens

The church wardens and deputy wardens are responsible for ensuring that the arrangements outlined in this policy are carried out. This responsibility is delegated as follows:  implementation of the Diocesan Safe & Sound Policy is delegated to the Child Protection Officer named in the Appendix; implementation of the Diocesan Policy on Vulnerable Adults is delegated to the Vulnerable Adults Protection Officer named in the Appendix.

The Parochial Church Council

It has general responsibility to ensure that the health and safety policy is implemented.

The Health and Safety Officer

The Health & Safety Officer named in the Appendix is an adviser on health & safety to the Church Wardens and the PCC and should be familiar with health and safety regulations that concern the church premises and with the Health &Safety Policy Arrangements.

As an adviser the Health & Safety Officer is responsible for:

  • reviewing the health & safety policy
  • the carrying out of risk assessments
  • carrying out of health & safety audits to check on compliance with the arrangements in this policy and reporting the findings to the church wardens
  • Investigating accidents and reporting the findings to the church wardens.


Responsibility of Employees and Voluntary Workers

All employees and voluntary helpers have a responsibility to co-operate in the implementation of this Health and Safety Policy and to take reasonable care of themselves and others whilst on church business or premises.

Employees and voluntary workers responsibilities are:

  1. Comply with safety rules, operating instructions and working procedures
  2. Use protective clothing and equipment where and when it is required
  3. Report any fault or defect in equipment immediately to the appropriate person
  4. Report all accidents (however minor), injuries, near misses or other potential safety hazards as soon as possible
  5. Not misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety
  6. Comply with Child Protection Safe and Sound Policy and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy.


  1. We will ensure that the church buildings are safe by the following measures:

a.    Maintaining our buildings in good condition

b.    Floors and steps will not have slips or trip hazards

c.    Keeping our buildings clean and tidy

d.    Providing adequate access and egress and safe means of escape

e.    Providing  adequate lighting

f.     Emergency lighting will be tested monthly

g.    Inspection of the electrical installations  every 5 years

h.    Annual maintenance of the gas boiler in the church  by a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer

i.      Providing adequate fire fighting equipment  in each building and making sure it is maintained

j.      Providing a fire safety manual in each building.

k.    Fire emergency Procedures  will be on display in each building

l.      A first aid box will be provided in each building and the Accident Reporting Procedures will be on display.

We will ensure that the church yard is safe

This will be properly maintained including the condition of footpaths and the safety of monuments, tombstones and trees.

  1. Emergency Procedures


a. On discovery of fire immediately raise the alarm.

b. Only if it is only a small fire and time permits attempt to extinguish it using the nearest suitable extinguisher before leaving the building via nearest available fire exit.

c. On hearing that there is a fire everyone must immediately leave the building by the nearest available fire exit route and proceed to the assembly point.

d. Contact the Fire Brigade.

e. Do not re-enter building until told it is safe to do so by the fire brigade.

f. In each building the location of the nearest telephone, the fire exit routes and the assembly point are shown on the notice board


a.    In the event of an accident there is a First Aid Box in each building and its location is shown on the notice board.

b.    Details of all accidents resulting in injury or near misses that could have resulted in injury to be entered in the Accident Book which is located as shown on the notice board.

  1. All our portable appliance and extension cables must be subject to annual portable appliance testing and a register kept.
  1. All our machinery and equipment will be maintained in good condition, stored safely and used in accordance with any safety instructions and where portable protective equipment has been provided it will be used.
  1. Hazardous substances on our premises for cleaning, maintenance or repair work will be safely stored and safely used.
  1. Personal protective equipment will be provided where necessary.
  1. Food preparation on our premises will comply with food hygiene regulations and procedures.
  1. We will make sure that lifting and carrying of furniture of equipment should be carried out safely and will issue instructions and provide training where necessary.
  1. Instructions for users of our facilities will be provided when no member of St. Anne’s is present.
  1. Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Work.
  1. A risk assessment should be carried out before any maintenance or repair work commences.
  1. All machinery and equipment will be used safely in accordance with above paragraph and safety equipment used.
  1. When work at height is carried out ladders should only be used for jobs of short duration and they should be made secure. For other jobs tower scaffolds or scaffolding should be used and must only be erected by a competent person. Ladders will be inspected annually.
  1. When contractors come on our premises to carry out any work they will be advised of our emergency procedures and they must produce a Method Statement that must be approved by a Church Warden or other responsible member of St. Anne’s Church. The Method Statement will specify the areas where the work is to be carried out and the precautions to be taken. If the CDM Regulations apply then they must be complied with. On completion of the work a Church Warden or other responsible member of St. Anne’s Church will check that the work area has been left in a safe condition.
  1. Children and Vulnerable Persons
  1. Children on our premises will be protected in accordance with the diocesan Safe & Sound Policy.
  1. Vulnerable adults on our premises will be protected in accordance with the diocesan Vulnerable Adults Policy.
  1. Risk Assessments and Audits
  1. Risk Assessments will be carried out by the Health and Safety Officer on all areas of our church premises and all activities that carry significant risks and will be aimed at reducing the risk of injury to all employees, visitors and contractors on our premises. We aim to reduce all risks to low. High risks will be re-assessed every 12 months, medium risks every 3 years and low risks every 5 years.
  1. A Health & Safety Audit will be carried out twice a year on the church, Orchard Rooms and church yard by the Health and Safety Officer and given to the Building Team.
  1. Events Held Away from Our Premises Such as Fetes
  1. Health & Safety will be considered at the planning stage.
  1. A Risk Assessment will be carried out by a responsible person before the event takes place.
  1. Health & Safety will be included in the agenda for every PCC Meeting.



Current Holders of the Positions Referred to in Section 2

Vicar: Rev Bruce Goodwin

Church Wardens: Steve Hemmings & David Gray

Deputy Warden: Peter Holmes

Health & Safety Officer: Peter Holmes

Nominated Person for Child Protection: Karen Wilmot

Nominated Person for Protection of Vulnerable Adults: Jan Parry


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